One Day

I was flipping through my Facebook feed today. One friend posted that 11 years ago she married her best friend and how much their love has grown since. The next post down, another friend, was remembering her mother who died 11 years ago today. She also lost her husband 2 years ago today. She was… Continue reading One Day


Over it!i

Maybe it’s low blood sugar because I’ve been on a strict diet for 9 weeks.  Or maybe it’s the clarity that comes with eating healthy and STILL having people point out your flaws.   Either way, I’m over the ridiculousness of other people’s issues being projected on to me.  I was a gymnast who worked out… Continue reading Over it!i


I read and hear about how judgement from loved ones has stopped people from pursuing their dreams, or has put a black cloud on decisions. I've had people excitedly tell me and friends about a new opportunity, and inevitably some jack ass starts pointing out the commute, or other downsides. Why can't we just be… Continue reading Judgement


Why is it that whenever my kitten looks adorable, he starts licking himself when I grab the camera? Seriously. Every time. I of course always take the pic and send it to my sister so she can share in the awkwardness. But it did make me think. 1. I have noticed the more perfect someone's… Continue reading Perfection

Busy busy busy

I realized today was the first time in about 4 weeks where I hadn't fixed my morning coffee in a to go mug. I have had baseball tournaments, birthday parties and all sorts of other things that have had me on to go. I'm very thankful for this time to relax and breathe. I've had… Continue reading Busy busy busy


This is my 6 month old kitten. He's eating the 120# German shepherds breakfast. The shepherd is pouting about it, but has accepted as his truth that cats are dominant. To be fair, I think the GSD loves this white flood as much as I do. But my point is that truth is relative to… Continue reading Truth

On the Go

I was making my morning coffee today and because I need to do yard work, thought I should use my travel cup. But something in me screamed "NO!!!!". It set me back a bit, putting it in the travel mug meant fewer dishes and is more practical. But the my inner voice said, "That may… Continue reading On the Go