Fight or Flight

My husbands grandma was a stubborn woman from Cuba. She looked like an English bulldog and gave 0 shits if she offended you when speaking her mind. She came from an affluent Cuban family who moved here in the 30's, had married a doctor in the US and had never wanted for anything. But she… Continue reading Fight or Flight


What to doi

So after getting back in to the swing of things at work, it's clear that it's not where I want to be.  I can totally do the job, but it's defiantly not in my big picture.  The old annoyances and the pettiness is creeping back in. I would love to write full time, and I'd… Continue reading What to doi

Step kids and ex’s and opinions, Oh My!

i have a friend who is getting remarried this weekend, and the fiance's oldest two kids refuse to come.  She fully realizes this has nothing to do with her or her relationship. It has to do with his ex refusing to acknowledge them.  She has repeatedly discounted the relationship as a sham, a lie and… Continue reading Step kids and ex’s and opinions, Oh My!


I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm guilty of overdoing it.  If life isn't going the way I think, I pray, sage, meditate, do yoga, run and walk and drink water.  If some is good, more is better. Right? Well, sure.... to a point.  It's good to meditate and exercise regularly, but if you… Continue reading Surrender/believe

Relationship Goals, with your subconscious. 

I'm sitting in a detox bath listening to a guided Kundalini meditation relaxing all the negative thoughts I've had recently. I've been going through a lot of energy clearing and a massive life detox for the past couple years. In this time I've divorced the man I was with for half my life, the father… Continue reading Relationship Goals, with your subconscious.