What to do

So after getting back in to the swing of things at work, it’s clear that it’s not where I want to be.  I can totally do the job, but it’s defiantly not in my big picture.  The old annoyances and the pettiness is creeping back in.  What I was able to over look while excited for my wedding and honeymoon is now coming back and it’s clear I need a change. 

I would love to write full time, and I’d love a gig that incorporated writing and researching.  Let me be creative and grow my interests (there are many).  

But mostly I want a place where I can use all the lessons I’ve learned so that they aren’t in vein.  

While the honeymoon helped me see I love my life, I really see that I can’t become complacent and stay happy.  My life goes best when I’m writing out my thoughts.

I keep coming across articles on how to make blogging work for you.  I really need to seriously try.  No more half adding it.  No more getting on and off the wagon.  So.  I’m going to post this, then really put a plan in place to get myself on track.  Any advice is welcome 🙂



I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m guilty of overdoing it.  If life isn’t going the way I think, I pray, sage, meditate, do yoga, run and walk and drink water.  If some is good, more is better. Right?

Well, sure…. to a point.  It’s good to meditate and exercise regularly, but if you find yourself cutting out things you enjoy to make sure you cover every possible modality to improve your luck, you may be over doing it.  And worse, you are so focused on the “bad luck” you probably aren’t getting the most out of them.

It took me a bit, but I realized why work was bothering me so much.  I kept complaining about how much work we were doing on collections, without giving any time for checks to actually be mailed and clean up credits to be done.  There was so much emphasis on doing, that it created more work and rework.  

This was mirrored in my life in my frantic practice of sprituality.  Sounds ridiculous right?  Yet that’s exactly what was happening.  It started out innocently.  Donating, cleaning, researching.  But then it morphed in to an obsession.  I’d wake in the middle of the night realizing I’d forgotten to tap, or throw out the bowl of salt I’d left out to a absorb negativity.  

Guess what?  I was driving myself insane. I became more and more grumpy.  More frustrated when things didn’t go my way or how I had prayed.  

It came to me recently in a discussion with a group member.  I need to surrender.  It was then I realized… surrendering to the universe is similar to the message I have been receiving, which is “believe”.  I need to believe in me, that people want to help, and that everything will happen in time. 

I’ve done the leg work.  Now it’s time to do up keep, but mostly, enjoy the clarity that has come with all the spiritual and energy work.  Over doing spirituality is the same as under doing it.  It takes your focus out of the present moment. 

Believe, breathe and be.


I just watched this video by Kristen Kusmic and I want to take it a step further.

Everyone is worried about Trumps win legitimizing hatred etc.  But in my opinion it gives us a chance to stand up and say “enough!”.  Who cares what the president or those in power say.  If it’s not right; stand up and speak your voice!  

It has never been ok to hate people for their views, the color of their skin or their sexual preference.  Whether we are “right” or not.  It’s not ok to bully people into feeling like they can’t say how they feel. 

The polls were way wrong because Trump supporters were scared.  This isn’t any better than people being scared for any other reason.  

We need to stop forcing our beliefs on others, making others feel bad, and realize that which we hate is a reflection of the parts of ourselves we are less than proud of.

We need to stand up against the person in the subway spouting racial slurs, and guide them to a place where they can grow.  At the very least we need to make their victims know they are not alone, and be glad we don’t live in the attackers head.

I know this is making a complex problem simple.  But if we step back from our anger and our ego and come from a place of love, isn’t that much more powerful, than screaming our point to the person screaming theirs?!  

I’m not saying you have to agree, but listen.  Understand what they are really saying, without waiting for your chance to anialate them verbally.  

Low energy

Negativity is a low energy.  It saps life and creativity.  Since the elections I have been bombarded with it and I’m tired.  The hypocrisy is amazing and jaw dropping.

I have seen people beaten, I’ve heard kids be called racists, I’ve seen friends unfriend each other. All because they are scared and disagree with what the “other” side believes.

To set the record.  My candidate didn’t win.  But I accept the one who did.  I will never condone bigotry, racism or xenophobia.  But I also will never condone berating someone because they voted for a republican.  

The republicans I know are stand up people and are the first to stand up for the rights of others, no matter the “others” race, sexual preference or spiritual leaning.  I used to think the same of my liberal friends.  

I have been disillusioned with many.  They are spewing the hate that the media is feeding them, without a second thought.  The are using these sound bites and quotes as fodder for their fire of moral rage against “those people who support the new Hitler”.  

I’m not commenting on whether I’m worried about him or not, but I’m terrified of this negativity and its effect if it continues.  

All the leaders are saying “give him a chance”, “he deserves an open mind”.  I agree fully.  

If you read Lincolns champagne speeches, he catered to slave owners. He skirted the issue.  He didn’t promise to become the champion he became. 

I don’t know what Trumps presidency will bring.  But I know if this negativity continues, negativity will follow.  

The DNC was weakened with the Bernie over shadowing, and with Hilary’s scandals.  It will only be further weakened if people continue the hipocrisy their actions are showing.

Beating a Trump supporter for their beliefs is no better than beating a gay man or woman.  Yes, one is a choice and one isn’t, but in the end it’s free will that you are violating in either instance. 

Channel your anger to good.  Be the light.  Hating hate with hate breeds more hate.

I’ll end with an awesome story I witnessed today.

I was driving on the freeway and saw a car pulled over, and a man not far off walking with his dog and a gas can.  A car in front of me veered to the shoulder.  The driver jumped out, grabbed his obviously full gas can and ran to the man and his dog.  They swapped cans, shook hands and he ran back to his car.

He didn’t care what his beliefs were.  He saw someone in trouble, went out of his way to help, and expected nothing in return.  

Be the Light

I’m drained today.  My candidate wasn’t an option. But I didn’t throw a fit.  I accepted it for what it was.  My candidate didn’t win, but I have faith that all the others elected to Congress will help temper this. We have a system where no one man will have absolute power.  That’s being put to the rest.

But this post isn’t about that.  Time will tell what happens.  No point speculating. Clearly, we have no clue.

I must say I’m immensely disappointed with the people in my news feed.  The amount of hate and blame being spewed is unbelievable.  These are the people who condemned Trump for saying he wouldn’t recognize Hilary if she won.  They are now doing exactly that to him.

Obama and other leaders have show class and grace.  We need to stop screaming that the sky is falling, and believe or system will work.

Athe very least, all the dirt that’s been pushed under the rug for decades has been shown.  We can’t bury our heads in it any longer.  We are being forced to change, and that always comes with pain.

Be positive, be creative and lead by example.