Unconditional vs Transactional

As long as my son doesn't pick the cat up, my cat will allow my son to love on him unconditionally. Sounds pretty transactional doesn't it? It also probably sounds like most of your relationships. Or at least it does to me. I've been struggling lately with one relationship in particular. I wrote about it… Continue reading Unconditional vs Transactional


Find your muchiness

This is my favorite quote in Alice in Wonderland. This is the quote that dragged me out of depression and set me on my self improvement journey. It's also the quote that is going to help me write a book. EEEK! I have been playing with the idea for what seems like ever. This blog… Continue reading Find your muchiness


I aspire to be like my daughter at times. She is 100% herself all the time no matter who it offends. She doesn't care if she impressed anyone, nor does she care if she receives judgement. In other words, she gives 0 F's. This week has shown me that I am susceptible to other people's… Continue reading Belonging

Changing my life

I have realized that my goal in life is more ease, yet, whenever one aspect of life becomes easier other forms of struggle pop up. I couldn't figure out why. Then I took a class and it hit me. I work super hard to get a new job that pays more, but it adds to… Continue reading Changing my life


This is my 6 month old kitten. He's eating the 120# German shepherds breakfast. The shepherd is pouting about it, but has accepted as his truth that cats are dominant. To be fair, I think the GSD loves this white flood as much as I do. But my point is that truth is relative to… Continue reading Truth

On the Go

I was making my morning coffee today and because I need to do yard work, thought I should use my travel cup. But something in me screamed "NO!!!!". It set me back a bit, putting it in the travel mug meant fewer dishes and is more practical. But the my inner voice said, "That may… Continue reading On the Go

New Endeavors

I recently became a certified Soul Realignment practitioner. It is fascinating. I came across the founder of it on Facebook, and it resonated to me. It's one of the decisions I felt compelled to make, almost as if my subconscious was like, "shut up inner bitch, we are doing this" (again, swear I'm not multi… Continue reading New Endeavors