Being like dad

My dad and I were talking today about how he described my sister and I to his new girlfriend. He told her my mom and sister are alike, both of them make sure they are loved by everyone. How they just have this gift of making everyone comfortable and liked. This was my dads perspective… Continue reading Being like dad



It means balance in Sanskrit. I have it tattooed on my foot as a reminder to never live in raja (motion) or tamas (rest). I went to a yoga retreat that was based around these guna's. She liked to use the metaphor of a garden. Where if you over tend or under tend you will… Continue reading Sattvaw

Soul Inspired Designe

Have you ever wondered why some home designs appeal to you and others repel you? Both can be in magazines or architectural digests, but you just can't imagine living there? It's not just a preference like your taste in food. It's your subconscious telling you who you are. The saying as above so beneath also… Continue reading Soul Inspired Designe

Unapologetically me

My sister recently told me that I need to be nicer. That people I like aren't even sure i like them. This isn't something I find to be true. My friends never seem to question my love for them. But it's interesting my sister feels this way. She collects people. She feels the need to… Continue reading Unapologetically me