Sometimes all it takes to change your perspective from blah to wow, is seeing something from a different view. I'm working on changing my perspective from spending to investing on stuff like groceries and unexpected home repairs. Honestly, it's helping. I've changed how I see my commute, chores and other less than awesome things. It… Continue reading Gratitude


Matching effort

We all have situations that create an energy suck . It can be a person, a chore, or a home. But whatever it is, it just feels like there is no ROI. Some things we are obligated to do, like pay taxes and buy groceries. Others are obligations we put on ourselves. In the end,… Continue reading Matching effort

Effort not Struggle

I saw this today and it struck home. When life seems the hardest, I tend to want to escape to "magic" to guide me. In most cases this is probably harmless. But it is also not helpful. It's disempowering. It directs my attention away from my inner guidance and focuses it on external information. Don't… Continue reading Effort not Struggle


Have you ever noticed when you are looking at cars, you suddenly see the model your looking at everywhere? What if life is like that. What if you go through life thinking all you see is what you think you see. For instance. People who think their life is cursed, or that things will go… Continue reading Illusion

Get out of your way

I often stress about stressing. I worry that I'm holding on to ideas too tightly, and that that is going to disrupt the flow of what the Universe is sending me. I'm a control freak. So now, I'm going to stop stressing and realize it will be ok. I've never worried myself in to a… Continue reading Get out of your way