It is what it is

I hate this saying.  Whenever someone says it to me my first thought is, how is that a caring response?  My second thought is; clearly it can’t be what it isn’t.  How is this even a saying, and more important, why is it a popular response to someone’s problems.  You may as well say, “eh, I don’t really care”.  Nothing great has ever been achieved by accepting “it is what it is”.  And on a much smaller scale, I’d be 65 pounds heavier and totally unhealthy if I had.   I think a much more inspirational, carIng and helpful saying would be “it is what it is unless you do something to change it”.

While you obviously can’t control or change everything, you do have control over how it effects your reality.  Like a dog who continually tries to enter a door with a long stick, not realizing if he just turns his head his problem would be solved.  All we have to do when faced with a seemingly  uchangable problem is turn our head and tilt our perspective.


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