The Inner Bitchi

If my inner voice was a sentient being, this is what it would look like. A snotty little Siamese who wants all the attention.... but only pet her with your eyes from that corner over there! or she will tear you apart! Whenever I'm on the verge of feeling like I have a good idea,… Continue reading The Inner Bitchi



I keep coming across people saying that success is like a train. At first it takes a ton of energy to get it moving. But once it is going the momentum builds and it gets easier. I currently feel like a stuck train. Its difficult to see how to get started. Yet each time I… Continue reading Momentum


I constantly hear people saying adulting sucks (and usually it's me saying it) but if we are the divine beings of our own creation, shouldn't we be telling ourselves that being adult is awesome? Finding the silver lining? I saw this meme on my newsfeed and it was an amazing reminder that anything in my… Continue reading Adulting


I don't know about you, but right when I'm about to start something I'm super excited about, I manifest all sorts of reasons why I can't devote all my energy to it. Or when I do get time to sit and focus, I suddenly become exhausted. Mind you, I'm really excited and invested financially and… Continue reading Resistance

What can I do today

I find myself getting stuck wondering how to make my dreams come true. I tend to think I have to make it all happen all at once. And often those thoughts terrify me in to non-action. In reality, something as small as finally getting new towels, or getting that hair cut you keep saying you… Continue reading What can I do today


Every time I go with the consensus, I end up needing to course correct. It makes you think. Who defines normal? In my opinion it's those who are really unhappy with themselves because they are so busy worrying what others think that they have totally shut out their intuition. They are people inundated with "shoulds".… Continue reading Alignment

Down time

Today I took a break from studying and planning and doing and it was fantastic. I went thrift shopping, I went for a walk and I made plans with old friends. Why? Because I've had a few set backs this week and the next lesson in the course I'm studying wasn't available. The universe was… Continue reading Down time