What goes around, comes around

I have always known this saying to be true. I've also always known about karma. It feels like I knew about thee fundamental truths before I even knew the words. Until recently I really couldn't explain it to anyone if they had asked. I just would repeat "what goes around comes around". As the universe… Continue reading What goes around, comes around



My kitten got this hat off about 2.5 seconds after this pic was taken. It didn't even cross his mind that it would stay on. He wasn't a victim to his humans cruel sense of humor. And once the hat was off, he immediately batted a figurine off a shelf. No victim here! I have… Continue reading Shields

Parking at Christmas

My husband and I went to pick up some stuff at the grocery store yesterday. Because I needed all sorts of things besides food we went to Target. The parking lot was of course full. My husband, who hates shopping, immediately started complaining about all the people and stupid drivers etc etc etc. As he… Continue reading Parking at Christmas

The last week of the year

They say that what you are doing when the year turns to new will be what the new year's pattern follows. Last year, I was steeped in attorney fees, stress and leaking roofs. This year has definitely continued that pattern. While that sounds bad, it's taught me how quickly answers come to me, and how… Continue reading The last week of the year

Energy exchange

I was listening to a pod cast today by Andrea Hess. Her topic was how to manifest co creators in to your plan. She always makes so much sense, but it's so hard for me to turn it inward and see how I need to follow her advice. I can clearly see how it shows… Continue reading Energy exchange