What can I do today

I find myself getting stuck wondering how to make my dreams come true. I tend to think I have to make it all happen all at once. And often those thoughts terrify me in to in action. In reality, something as small as finally getting new towels, or getting that hair cut you keep saying… Continue reading What can I do today



Every time I go with the consensus, I end up needing to course correct. It makes you think. Who defines normal? In my opinion it's those who are really unhappy with themselves because they are so busy worrying what others think that they have totally shut out their intuition. They are people inundated with "shoulds".… Continue reading Alignment

Down time

Today I took a break from studying and planning and doing and it was fantastic. I went thrift shopping, I went for a walk and I made plans with old friends. Why? Because I've had a few set backs this week and the next lesson in the course I'm studying wasn't available. The universe was… Continue reading Down time

Talking vs Pills

I just had a friend tell me she is going to talk to her doctor about her anxiety. I know what this means. She's going to up her prescription. She is a walking medicine cabinet. She is constantly frustrated by the fact her life never seems to get better. It's a vicious cycle. Her life… Continue reading Talking vs Pills

Victim Mentality

This is my 120# German Shepherd terrified to go eat because the 10# siamese cat wouldn't move. This is victim mentality. You over exaggerate the problem and allow it to hold you back from what you need to do to make your life better. While victimhood does serve a purpose shortly after the trauma, it's… Continue reading Victim Mentality


Have you ever noticed when you are looking at cars, you suddenly see the model your looking at everywhere? What if life is like that. What if you go through life thinking all you see is what you think you see. For instance. People who think their life is cursed, or that things will go… Continue reading Illusion

Learn to work to live

A friend of mine who came back from Egypt told me one of their guides said a truly life altering thing to her. He told her Americans live to eat, and that Egyptians eat to live. She said it really hit home with her. I agree. But want to take it a step further. I… Continue reading Learn to work to live