Unconditional vs Transactional

As long as my son doesn't pick the cat up, my cat will allow my son to love on him unconditionally. Sounds pretty transactional doesn't it? It also probably sounds like most of your relationships. Or at least it does to me. I've been struggling lately with one relationship in particular. I wrote about it… Continue reading Unconditional vs Transactional


Energy exchange

I was listening to a pod cast today by Andrea Hess. Her topic was how to manifest co creators in to your plan. She always makes so much sense, but it's so hard for me to turn it inward and see how I need to follow her advice. I can clearly see how it shows… Continue reading Energy exchange

Tough Love

I would love to do a survey on how many times tough love was used as an explanation for acting badly. In general, and especially for energy work, people do not need tough love. Tough love should be held for serious issues, like substance abuse, and other self harming mechanisms. Tough love is not needed… Continue reading Tough Love

People pleasing versus boundaries

I struggle with this a lot. That's not to say I'm a doormat who lets people put all their work on me. It's more I don't push back when I should, I don't speak up. I tend to just let confrontation flow past me when I should get involved. I tend to just let people… Continue reading People pleasing versus boundaries


What you look for you will find. Where you focus, you will take action, whether you mean to create from this place or not is up to you. Let me explain. I have been managing my anxiety forever. I exercise and drink calm tea and honestly, for the past year, I really haven't had much.… Continue reading Anxiety