I've been feeling very left out at work lately. Then I come home and I argue with my daughter about chores. Then I fix all the half assed things the kids have done. This isn't something I have always dealt with. This is new. The work situation especially. For 6 months I loved the people… Continue reading Breakthroughs



What you look for you will find. Where you focus, you will take action, whether you mean to create from this place or not is up to you. Let me explain. I have been managing my anxiety forever. I exercise and drink calm tea and honestly, for the past year, I really haven't had much.… Continue reading Anxiety


I was watching "The Crown" yesterday and Queen Elizabeth's character made an interesting comment. She said "the first 10 years of marriage are an overture, and around 10 years there tends to be a crisis. It's how you get through that crisis together that forged the deep relationship of marriage". This is the most true… Continue reading Forgiveness

Let the Dust Settle

I'm being held captive by two purring cats, and Season 2 of the crown. My forced relaxation has stilled my body but not my mind. I have come to the realization, that this past few weeks set backs are the universe's way of testing my resolve. Additionally, they have been a lesson, showing me that… Continue reading Let the Dust Settle


I wish I could relax the way my cats do. I'd love to be able to be secure in knowing everything will be taken care of. Al my needs will be met, and that people will fight over who gets to brush my hair and massage my back next. Yes, to be a house cat… Continue reading Wealth


Despite being surrounded by adorable pets and amazing kids, I feel like I need a negativity detox. I'm tired of the hate, ignorance and judgement that is everywhere. I go on my Facebook feed and I see finger pointing and name calling. No one listens to what the other side is saying. They just believe… Continue reading Detox

Fat Savings

I have been reading Suze Orman books lately. And it's made me think. We have made spending money way to easy. In the past we had to get dressed (and I mean, we took time to dress nicely) and go shopping in order to spend our money. Now, we have same day amazon deliveries and… Continue reading Fat Savings